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Minmia Blog Series 2 (cont): Some Rebirthing Ceremony Stories

Jane’s Rebirthing Ceremony Story…

I am one whose placenta was probably burned with many others ‘back in the day.’  It’s not that I haven’t ‘had a life’ so to speak, or not been motivated or felt passion for my work etc, but I do know that I have wondered if what I am ‘doing with my life’ is what I’m ‘meant’ to be doing…  And have often asked myself ‘is this how I can best serve?’ And I can report that since doing my Rebirthing Ceremony, I have most definitely felt a difference.

Here are some excerpts from my journal…

My ReBirthing Ceremony
Just 58, just past winter solstice.

On my natal moon phase I planted my symbolic placenta in the earth on our land in the middle of the lemniscate I ‘painted’ where I poured my blood for many moons, so many moons. I poured my blood on the earth offering it to Nungeena each cycle for 12 years here before I stopped bleeding.

I spoke the words from the instructions –

“Guide, anchor, and make this one a good strong earth-connected Miwi.
I give thanks for courage, compassion, wisdom and love.
I Anchor my journey
I Anchor my journey
I Anchor my journey
I Anchor my journey
I Anchor my journey
I Anchor my journey
I Anchor my journey
I Anchor my journey.”

I placed a camellia flower on the top of the earth, one of my (dead) mother’s favourite, it means gratitude. I wonder for while what she would have to say about all this…


Weekend after…

I’m feeling a deepening on my connection with my Power Animals, and I wonder about that…as my connection with the earth strengthens so is my connection with my body and the spirit representation of that in the shamanic realm that shows up as my power animal… interesting…

I can feel some changes/differences/developments since planting my ‘placenta’… For example, this morning I was quite happy pottering in the kitchen, decanting broth, preparing an oatstraw infusion, making seed bread, dreaming about having bees and a cow… feeling the ‘life on the land’ calling me loudly and it felt good. And feeling the ‘use’ of me really showing up in the shamanic midwifery/womancraft sessions I’ve been having on the phone or by skype with women from all around the world this past week… and seeing and knowing that I can really help this way…

And since then I’ve been ‘doing’/facilitating more really powerful shamanic sessions on the phone… I wouldn’t have believed that possible before…

The other thing that’s happened is a driving focus on the ‘as without, so within’ perspective… the two way connection… I’m feeling the Mother and her pain…

Earth my body
Water my blood
Air my breath and
Fire my spirit

And I’m thinking about the oestrogen dominance/pollution of the earth and within the bodies of women, men, children and all beings… and the hunt I’ve been on to see the links between how the earth deals with this and therefore what we can learn from that and can do for our bodies. Oestrogen dominance is the ‘cause’ of so many of our ‘problems’. A quick google search reveals so much. And this list of symptoms from oestrogen dominance:

Weight gain, PMS, Mood swings, High emotional sensitivity, Heavy periods, Breast tenderness, Headaches, Decreased libido, Sluggish metabolism, Menstrual cramps, Cystic Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, EndometriosisAdenomyosis, PMSPMDD, Depression,
Hypothyroidism (estrogen is antagonistic to thyroid hormone), Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cervival Cancer.

If you’re wondering about the legitimacy of Oestrogen dominance, see here and here.

I have always looked to permaculture for ideas and solutions for the ‘problems’ of our bodies, our lives, our culture. Thinking whole system. For example as I have written and said so many times:

We need to consciously use one of the main principles of permaculture for our children’s wellbeing, and for our future, we need to create the conditions, the culture, inside and out, that supports them not just to grow but to thrive.

So, my research revealed that the earth filters oestrogen and other pollutants with the Mycelium. And, that the equivalent of the Mycelium in our body is the fascia… and this information, I have been furiously hunting since doing my Rebirthing Ceremony will undoubtedly inform much of my work to come…

Here is the story of Melissa’s experience of her Rebirthing Ceremony and encounter with Minmia’s teachings…

Reflecting on My Rebirthing ceremony
Melissa, wife of Andrew and Mother of five boys living in Bellingen, graduate of the School Shamanic Womancraft, Doula 

So I travelled down to Mystery Bay to the women’s initiation weekend with Minmia – I was 28, I knew the requirement was that I needed to be in my 30th year – however I was thinking, I have 4 kids, I’ve been doing lots of work on myself, I’m a woman, I know stuff…

My two friends I was travelling with were each in their mid to late thirties and we began to discuss this change that happens around thirty – it was described as the true dawning of responsibility – they kind of sounded like they knew something I didn’t – but I didn’t think so! And all this talk of responsibility and planning didn’t sound like a great deal of fun to me. I remember thinking “ I don’t think that sounds like me not even an old version of me!”

Well we don’t know what we don’t know… anyhow I really loved making my own mistakes and learning from them – I felt so fre e- even with 4 kids under 6, I felt very carefree and somewhat protected from the harsh realities of life…

After day one of Minmia’s teachings I felt very different – I no longer wanted to push my way into the initiation process – instead I was humbled with the realisation that very soon I would be moving into a new phase of my life and change was inevitable.  Under Wirradjiri law, it is believed that up until the age of 30 the traditional female/male initiation time, we are in a learning phase of life – and there is great forgiveness and understanding for the mistakes we make in this process of growing up.  I actually felt relief, I could wait another year and come back ready to truly take on my adulthood.

Over the weekend we did a letting-go ceremony in which I found myself released from an incredible weight of shame and guilt I didn’t even know I held. We also learnt how to conduct our own rebirthing ceremony.  This teaching resonated so deeply within me – I was born in a Sydney hospital along with quite a few others on the 19th January.  Our placentas were gathered up and taken to the incinerator to be burnt – our miwi prints mixing together – our soul prints entwined – the earth unable to discern one from the other.  And so it followed that around the time of menstruation when with the spilling of my blood my unique blueprint would have become available to me – I was confused, unable to go back to what was known but no clear path ahead either – that confusion stayed with me for a very long time – my teenage life was like a tedious puzzle – I did the best with what I had.

I arrived home from the initiation weekend uninitiated but feeling right on track.  I knew I had a powerful tool to help me on my way – I set the intention that I would find my surrogate placenta in the form of a rock – in no great hurry it came on my morning bush walk – I planned my rebirthing ceremony for my 29th birthday.  I cut my hair and I collected my blood.  I dug a hole and chose myself a tree, a tree that held the qualities that would support me on my journey.

I paid a lot of attention to my surroundings – the animals, the plants and the unique energy of that particular place, knowing that all these factors play a powerful role in supporting my own unique journey. I made a fire and using sacred gum as a smudge I cleansed myself and also the land we were living on, the place of my rebirthing.  I prepared my surrogate placenta and placed it in the hole reciting the words that Minmia had given us women.  I spent a long time making wishes and prayers and reflecting on my life.  I did this surrounded by my closest circle of women who also leaned down and placed their blessings and commitments to me in the hole with my placenta.  Later other friends and family arrived. I asked them individually that if they felt called to do so I would love for them to visit my hole and make a commitment to me – this commitment was between them and the universe. Even with a little eye rolling from some family members everyone participated.  It was very beautiful and within my comfort zone at the time. I personally couldn’t have been with the process as deeply with all the people I loved and wanted there if I involved them with the whole process – it felt powerful and undiluted this way.

Afterwards I filled in my sacred hole and planted my tree on top. The whole process was deeply transformative.  I felt strong, clear, actually I felt rather queenly! Ruler of my own life and destiny. Very interestingly the following year I was completely ready to take on the commitments of my initiation – being deep in my Saturn return – such wisdom in these teachings – I no longer rush through things, having had this beautiful lesson in perfect timing and everything in its right place providing me with all I need to know all that I am.

I repeated this process for my first two boys – they each chose their own surrogate placenta, my next 3 boys had their original placentas buried within metres of where they were born following a similar process – so here’s hoping for a house full of clear-minded teenagers!!

Read on about Placenta

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Minmia Blog Series 2: Getting the Birth Ceremony Right

Minmia Blog Series 2

This blog is primarily about the Indigenous wisdom of the spiritual bioenergetics of placenta – a teaching of this land and every land, that holds within it pure evidence of the interconnectedness of everything and our symbiotic and reciprocal relationship with the Earth.

It is both simple and obvious, and is the indigenous wisdom of every land on the planet. It is a practice of deep ecology, and I dare say medicine for the woes of many.

It feels to me to be something we can do to reclaim our connection with The Mother, Nungeena-tya, Goddess, the Earth, Mother Nature – whatever you want to call the Whole, the ‘thing’ we are a part of…

You will read from the stories that it’s a simple, easy and very rewarding process.

This is also a ‘wake up call’ about how we ‘actively manage’ the third stage of labour – the birth of the placenta – and an offering of indigenous wisdom to add to the already available scientific research, to rethink how we do that.

I’ve written so much here so I have made it into three separate blog posts. The first, this one, is about the Rebirthing Ceremony, the second is Stories about two Rebirthing Ceremonies (including mine), and the third is all about placentas – how they are born, by what measures and when and what to do with them.

See Minmia Blog Series 1 if you haven’t already or maybe to refresh your mind to what’s going on here..)

Minmia, Wirradjirri woman, Wirrloo Law-woman, called me to sit with her to receive the ‘teachings of this Land’, so I could teach these to the women alongside what I already teach….

Come with me back there now….

We sat outside her caravan on her beautiful bush property, she was talking fast and I was writing just fast enough. We’d stop every so often for tea – she offered me her precious lemon myrtle – and to stretch and walk around…one of the dogs there was going crazy barking at a poor blind mangy wombat that was wandering around uncharacteristically in the light of day. She said they go mangy and blind from moving into the fox lairs after the foxes have been killed by the poison left there…. sad.

We talked sometimes about other things and discovered what we have in common – the blessing of grandchildren, a nursing background, we’d even both been operating theatre nurses. She tells me she’s one of the Stolen Generation and that she’s very sick and not sure how long she has to live, and that’s one of the reasons she’s sharing this information with me.

She said: I’m very selective of who I might choose to go out and trust to do this, Jane. What you’re doing is important and there’s lots of women doing that, and I trust you will do it for all the right reasons, I know you’ll do it right.

It’s not just about what’s going on in the physical, its about the highest form of Miwi (soul) essence that manifests in the physical. By getting it right in the physical we will be bringing things back into balance – that’s our job, now is the time…

And with the world the state its in, you know how people say – why doesn’t someone do something?

That’s us, we need to do something…

Jane, remind women to honour the Mother (Nungeena Tya, Mother Earth) that’s where we get our true strength from….

I know exactly what I’m doing in sharing this information with you, its important that women know this information now, its time for the secrets to be over….

She told me – you tell ‘em – Jane is going to do as she’s instructed to by Minmia, and Jane is born of this land…..

“If you are born of this land,
you are of this land,
and therefore you are entitled to the teachings of this land by birth. 

And whereever you were born, what was ‘meant to happen’ was that your placenta was meant to be buried in the earth, and according to the teachings of this land, there by activating your life destiny and purpose.

When I have brought this information to women in my workshops there are always so many groans of acknowledgement of something they could feel within but didn’t have the information to explain. The idea behind this is that for those of us who’s placentas have not been buried in the earth and therefore have not had this spiritual bioenergetic activation then our experience of life includes such feelings of not knowing what our life purpose is, what our offering to the greater good is…and in extreme cases, even ‘what’s the point?’.

Minmia said: What’s wrong with the people today is that we’re not getting the birthing ceremony right…

People aren’t grounded, they don’t know what they’re meant to do, what their life purpose is…

Children turn into monsters at adolescence because their placentas are melded together. They can’t contact their individual map…they are so confused, spiritually lost and this is the cause of a lot of youth suicide….

Tell them – your child’s life will be fine if you get the ceremony right…

And what she means is how we conduct ourselves around the birth of a baby, and especially when we cut the cord and what we do with the placenta. How wonderful I thought that she calls birth a ceremony and of course it is, but unfortunately not for most women. Its more like a medical procedure based on time efficient practices and risk factors, which all lead to the problems we see in the world today – what Minmia means when she says what’s wrong.

The proper birthing process will connect the child to the oneness so they are more able to handle the chaos to come – they will be more grounded.

It gives the child the strength to live a connected life.

One-ness is the key, absolutely and from now on…

She instructed me on what to do about this, as she has already with many other women over the years.

Her focus was on the spiritual role of the umbilical cord and placenta for the baby’s wellbeing.

Firstly, placentas are not ‘hazardous waste’, they hold, on the side that is connected to the mother, the baby’s Miwi print, which in Minmia’s words is the baby’s life journey map, their soul’s destiny this lifetime.

She says that what’s meant to happen is this:

Babies are born, the cords are not cut but are left until they stop pulsing. With the cord still pulsing, and as the baby takes its first breath, information is transferred to the baby from the placenta via the cord, on how to follow the map, their Miwi print. Later, the placenta and cord are buried in the earth and so the baby’s Miwi print goes into Nungeena-tya. The Miwi print lies there until Nungeena receives the child’s first seed. For girls that’s their first blood, their menarche, for boys its their sperm from their first wet dream of puberty.

As it (the child’s first seed) hits the earth, the seed is recognised instantly, almost as if it enters a computer data system. Nungeena-tya then goes back to wherever the Miwi print was buried and locks it in. She then acts to ground and guide the ‘wanai’ (post puberty, adolescent) on her/his journey throughout this physical life.’

And this is when you (the adolescent) start receiving your teaching and learning the lore/law.’

When they fall down or get knocked down, Nungeena-tya will anchor them and pull them back up. They will always be very close to their path if not right on it.[ii]

For those people who’s placentas were not buried in the earth and were probably either burnt or destroyed together with other placentas, they still eventually get to the earth but their Miwi prints are melted together with others and so they are confused. They are spiritually and emotionally confused and can’t fulfil their journey.

The Rebirthing Ceremony can repair this.

And for those not born of this land they can belong by doing the Rebirthing Ceremony…

The Rebirthing Ceremony
The Birthing and Re-Birthing Ceremony that Minmia taught me, and many of us, that is featured in her book Under the Quandong Tree, is how she says we can remedy this ‘lost soul’ situation that so many of us experience.

The Birthing Ceremony is what she calls this process when it is done with the baby’s placenta soon after their birth and is accompanied by the planting of a specifically chosen tree. The Rebirthing Ceremony is when it is done with a surrogate placenta.

Fundamentally, this process is about belonging to the land, and through that connection, knowing your purpose.

This can be done on the land where we were born (not necessarily exactly where) or where we choose to ceremonially declare as our land.

For caesarean births she said the best thing to do is to leave the cord intact and gently rub, massage or tap the placenta, to simulate what happens in a vaginal birth, to trigger the key to unlock the Miwi DNA instructions for the baby’s life journey map to travel down the cord to the baby.

If the cord gets cut during the caesarean, she said to do the Rebirthing Ceremony.

For a stillborn baby, she suggests the parents get the placenta or a bit of the cord or hair and do the Rebirthing Ceremony to honour the journey of the baby. She said the baby that is stillborn has come to teach her parents about grief and acceptance.

If you want to eat your placenta she says to slice pieces off the side and leave the Miwi ‘face’ intact and bury that in the earth in your baby’s Birthing Ceremony.

You don’t need to have the child with you to do the Rebirthing Ceremony, you need some of their hair and blood. The blood carries half the journey print and the hair carries the other half. 

You can do it for anyone at any age, you have to know them.

And, if any of you have any of your children’s placentas still in your freezer, you need to thaw them and bury then, asap.

The Rebirthing Ceremony instructions reprinted with permission from Minmia, from Under the Quandong Tree

The Rebirthing Ceremony instructions for those not born on this land –
For people doing the Rebirthing Ceremony in countries other than where they were born, follow all the instructions and first put some sterilised earth from your homeland in the hole before burying your ‘placenta’. This, she says, will ensure your soul returns to the land of your birth. 

She told me what the experience for Nungeena is when she receives a placenta.

She said – you know those photos of the mushroom cloud after a nuclear bomb, its like that the other way around, light energy goes into the earth in that shape and that size. The placenta nourishes Nungeena, that’s what its all about, a two way thing.

… One big loop, the interconnection of all things… symbiosis, reciprocity…

The earth needs our placentas, our wee, our poo, and our dead bodies. To me, questioning the body’s intelligence and our symbiotic, reciprocal connection with the Earth is hubris. It is insane to imagine that the ways of our body are not perfect or that we could do better. Certainly there are many ways this delicate whole system can be influenced, particularly by oestrogen pollution (more on that below). But, all you need to understand is just a little bit about breastfeeding to know that there’s a lot more going on in and with our miraculous bodies than one may realise.

For example – did you know that a mother makes day milk and night milk, complete with specific hormones to flow with the energy requirement of that time of day! So if you express milk to give your baby at another time, make sure you match up the time you expressed with the time you eventually feed the baby or you may have a very awake baby when you’d rather not! And, the nipple, the incredible nipple, has receptors on it that read the pathogen or germ content of the baby’s saliva and signal to the brain to release the particular antibodies for that germ into the milk!

Unfortunately, cutting the cord straight away after the baby is born, or way before it has stopped pulsing (which can take 10 minutes or more) is still common practice, even though there is plenty of scientific evidence to prove this is a bad idea for the baby. So, if we were meant to severe the cord straight away after the baby is born, there would be some way of doing that embedded within the birth process. The only way I’ve seen that actually happen is when someone pulls really hard on the cord to get the placenta out and it breaks, or from the stories of cords breaking or tearing due to the effects of GMO food on the development of the baby and placenta.

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Some Rebirthing Ceremony Stories

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So, thank you for reading this as I, with great honour and respect, share the teachings of the lineage of Minmia Wirrloo – Women’s Law, and their spiritual teachings of Oneness and how to achieve that, incorporating that into my practice and teaching of the old wise wild ways of being-ness, the wisdom of the cycles and the relevant spiritual practices for the times in one’s life, of the season, of the menstrual cycle, in a globally conscious pan-cultural way.

Sort of Earthling Human Female 1.01.

Common sense that’s not so common anymore…

Best wishes and love,

Jane Hardwicke Collings

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Minima will not be responsible or liable for any resulting outcomes, loss, damage and/or injury from any inappropriate and/or improper use including unauthorised variations of the information provided in relation to her teachings.


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