Maga Vision

Introducing Maga

Introducing Maga After Mother before Crone The Four Phase Feminine Way Evolution from the Triple Goddess The Triple Goddess of ancient times lives on, as relevant now as in the Matriarchal cultures of “prehistory” (before 1000BC). She is the Maiden Mother Crone, Persephone Demeter Hecate. These three phases of a woman’s life were reflected in…

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‘I Work For the Goddess’ Award

Jane Hardwicke Collings wearing her lunary, envisoned by Anique Radiant Heart. The lunary presented to Jane at the Goddess Conference was designed and made by Jann James At the Australian Goddess Conference I received an award! THE TEMPLE OF THE GLOBAL GODDESS “I WORK FOR THE GODDESS” AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE From the Australian Goddess Conference website: There…

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Great Great Great Grandchildren Dreaming: Live Call Recorded

Image used with permission and with thanks: ‘Grand-Mere-Chamane’ by Caroline Maniere (   Taking Responsibility, Seeding the Future Be the Change Now New Moon: January 17, 2018 at 1.17pm (AEDT) On the New Moon January 17, 2018 at 1.17 pm AEDT, we journeyed to meet the Great Great Great Grandchildren – to receive from them information about…

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Global Sanctuaries!

Here at this time of Spring Equinox balance, I feel the magic is thick.  Maybe it’s because… I have really understood the magical implications and opportunities of the time travel between hemispheres that I’m doing now… maybe it’s the energy of the eclipse season just past and still influencing us… maybe it’s because I feel…

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