Umbilical Cord

Minmia Blog Series 2 (cont): On Placenta

ON PLACENTA There’s a lot to be said about placentas, ‘mother cakes’, ‘Tree of Life’, ‘grandmothers’….. Lotus Birth Eating your placenta  Placental encapsulation Making a homeopathic remedy from placenta Making a tincture from placenta ….and how they are born, by what measures and when. …. In other words, the third stage of labour or as…

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Minmia Blog Series 2: Getting the Birth Ceremony Right

Minmia Blog Series 2 This blog is primarily about the Indigenous wisdom of the spiritual bioenergetics of placenta – a teaching of this land and every land, that holds within it pure evidence of the interconnectedness of everything and our symbiotic and reciprocal relationship with the Earth. It is both simple and obvious, and is…

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