Addressing Women & Depression by Honouring Rites of Passage

Presentation at the “Women and Depression Conference” Sydney 2007 Spring 2013 Our modern culture has forgotten to honour the Rites of Passage in a Woman’s life. In not doing this we miss the opportunity they provide of celebrating and welcoming the huge transformations that we go through at our menarche, childbirth and menopause. Honouring rites…

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Honoring Rites of Passage in a Woman’s Life

The Four Phase Feminine Way Spring 2013 When viewed as a whole, a Woman’s life is divided into 4 phases. These phases or seasons are related to and defined by the expression of her fertility and sexuality. Maiden – birth to childbirth Mother – childbirth to menopause Maga – menopause to retirement Crone – retirement to death With each…

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Conscious Birth, Menstruation & Menopause ~ Melissa Ambrosini Podcast

(Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeart or TuneIn) “What if we stopped resenting “that time of the month”, and started celebrating it? What if we quit dreading menopause, and started honouring the wisdom it brings? And what if we could shift our views on childbirth from being a clinical, painful experience, to a deeply empowering rite of passage, one that allows…

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