Indigenous Wisdom

The Destruction of the Djab Wurrung Birthing Trees

The Destruction of the Djab Wurrung Birthing Trees – Victoria, Australia The School of Shamanic Womancraft Statement – September 21, 2019 Re : Proposed Western Highway work impacting the sacred Indigenous lands and Birthing Trees The School of Shamanic Womancraft expresses our deep concern at the proposed Victorian Western Highway and its impact on the Birthing Trees and…

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Honoring Rites of Passage in a Woman’s Life

The Four Phase Feminine Way Spring 2013 When viewed as a whole, a Woman’s life is divided into 4 phases. These phases or seasons are related to and defined by the expression of her fertility and sexuality. Maiden – birth to childbirth Mother – childbirth to menopause Maga – menopause to retirement Crone – retirement to death With each…

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Minmia Blog Series 2: Getting the Birth Ceremony Right

Minmia Blog Series 2 This blog is primarily about the Indigenous wisdom of the spiritual bioenergetics of placenta – a teaching of this land and every land, that holds within it pure evidence of the interconnectedness of everything and our symbiotic and reciprocal relationship with the Earth. It is both simple and obvious, and is…

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