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Great Great Great Grandchildren Dreaming: Live Call Recorded

Image used with permission and with thanks: ‘Grand-Mere-Chamane’ by Caroline Maniere (   Taking Responsibility, Seeding the Future Be the Change Now New Moon: January 17, 2018 at 1.17pm (AEDT) On the New Moon January 17, 2018 at 1.17 pm AEDT, we journeyed to meet the Great Great Great Grandchildren – to receive from them information about…

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Lammas: Northern Hemisphere

About the season… Autumn. Lammas or Lugnasadh is the first of the three harvest festivals.  At Lammas the fruits of the Summer are ready, and it’s a time to celebrate the bounty of life. When Lammas comes, around August 2, Summer is over and Autumn begins. The days still seem long, but they are getting…

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Imbolc: Southern Hemisphere

About the season….. Spring. At Imbolc (which means Ewe’s Milk), or also known as Candlemas, it is the time of metaphoric rebirth. The traditional day is August 2nd. At Imbolc we see, feel and hear the beginning signs of Spring. Winter is over, Spring cometh. It may well still be very cold but the energy has…

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