Seasonal Living

Imbolc: Northern Hemisphere

About the season….. Spring. At Imbolc (which means Ewe’s Milk), or also known as Candlemas, it is the time of metaphoric rebirth. The traditional day is February 2nd. At Imbolc we see, feel and hear the beginning signs of Spring. Winter is over, Spring cometh. It may well still be very cold but the energy has shifted….

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Lammas: Southern Hemisphere

About the season… Autumn. Lammas or Lugnasadh is the first of the three harvest festivals.  At Lammas the fruits of the Summer are ready, and it’s a time to celebrate the bounty of life. When Lammas comes, around February 2, Summer is over and Autumn begins. The days still seem long, but they are getting…

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Beltane: Southern Hemisphere

Kookaburra on a May Pole! Southern Hemisphere Beltane The date for the Southern Hemispheric Beltane is October 31st and ‘May Day’ is November 1st. The climax of Spring! Beltane is the peak of Spring, a celebration of fertility. In ancient times it was the Beltane Rites that reconnected each year the King to the Goddess, the masculine…

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