Cunning Stunt #1: Global Synchronised Blood Prayers

Join us on the Solstice ~ Dec 21/22 ~ for the first Cunning Stunt of the Agents of the Goddess Special Ops!

We have chosen the portal of Summer Solstice for women in the Southern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice for those in the Northern Hemisphere to do synchronised blood prayers.

Blood prayers are a way to consciously pray whilst menstruating.

(How to do a Blood Prayer: Collect your menstrual blood from your menstrual cup, sponge, directly or through soaking cloth pads, disposable pads or tampons in a bucket with cold water.  Then pour your blood onto the earth whilst you speak an intention to release an idea/behaviour/belief/way of being in the world that no longer serves you, and giving thanks for the healed version of what you release.)

Let us pray for global healing of body shame and blood shame ~ for our selves, our sisters, our daughters, our mothers, our grandmothers, our great great grandmothers and our great great great grandmothers.  Letting go of the body and blood shame carried in our red threads, all the way forward and all the way back.

For women menstruating before the 21 December, you can collect your menstrual blood in small jar and freeze it.  Then on the day of Solstice, take it out of the freezer, add some water to it.

For those women not menstruating please take some time at the Solstice to stand on the earth, grounded and connected, lay your hands over your womb and heart and speak aloud prayers for healing the body and blood shame of those women who came before you, yourself and those to come after you.

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