Happy International Midwives Day!

Dearest Midwives,

Happy International Midwives Day!

Firstly, and really importantly, I want to say thank you to all the midwives. I know what it takes!

I also know what it takes to be the best midwife you can be, serving women rather than the institution.

It is our responsibility as guardians of the birth process to keep up-to-date with new information and developments and to share this information with mothers and fathers.

We need to tell the truth – everything effects the baby, including and especially how the Mother feels.

Including and especially just to name a few – Induction of labour, drugs for pain relief in labour, infant formula, antibiotics.

Please read these two documents one about allergies and infant formula, and the other about screening for GBS and all the false positive results and unnecessary use of antibiotics with potential catastrophic results, and please change your practice accordingly, otherwise you are not up to date and you are maintaining out of date practices that harm babies and mothers.

Universal antenatal screening for group B streptococcus may cause more harm than good

The WEIRD Milk Hypothesis


Thank you all so much especially for being kind to the mothers and babies in your care.

And all is not well in the word of midwifery and birth, we know that.

Midwives are being contorted into ways and shapes that do not represent their way and are being held captive.

We must crack the mould that the institutions are creating for midwives to squish themselves into.

We don’t fit, we can’t fit, because the mould is not right.

The mould is for making a modified version of midwifery, a domesticated and tamed version.

We know this doesn’t serve the women, just look at the statistics.

We need to re-wild midwifery for the sake of the future.

Homebirth midwives are an endangered species.

And, because there are so many endangered species we know what to do about this.

Firstly we must raise awareness of this situation, then we need to preserve their natural habitat and food.

We also need to preserve their reproductive processes and create protected safe zones, like wildlife corridors, to protect the endangered species, in this case homebirth midwives, from their predators.

We need an army of women to watch over the endangered species to protect them from the poachers.

Above all we must help the endangered species stay wild.


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