Operation Gentle Birth

I call myself an Agent of the Goddess, and what that means to me is that I am on assignment, carrying out missions for the greater good.

Decades ago I drew myself a mission mud map (see above). It held all the places that I felt could be places for positive intervention to shift the paradigm.

Revolutions need a plan.

This plan was motivated by what I saw as a midwife happening to women at birth. I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again –

Institutionalised acts of abuse and violence on women and babies masquerading as safety.

Mothers were leaving their journey to the birth altar and back convinced that their bodies didn’t work and that birth was dangerous and that lucky they were at the hospital or else they and their babies would have died.  That all sounds pretty dramatic, and unfortunately it’s true.  If you doubt this just ask someone who isn’t under that same spell.

And as Dr Michel Odent says, there are now generations of men who know, based on their experience, that women cannot give birth without medical assistance.

This is serious shit – all you need to do is look a little deeper to see the effects of usual interventions at birth on the baby.

It’s not hard to find examples of how these effects are that’s playing out, everywhere, and to the majority of people.

It’s fucked up.

And it can change in one generation.

Special Operation ‘Gentle Birth’

So, as an Agent of the Goddess, I am designating this a Special Operation.  I’m getting my Warrioress on and calling all willing Agents!

Here’s the plan.

0600 01AUG2018

Institutionalised acts of abuse and violence against women and babies in the birthing space, masquerading as safety and fuelled by fear and adrenaline.

Change the dominant western birth protocols to respectful, gentle birthing practices that support mothers, babies (including in utero) and families, fuelled by love and oxytocin.

This can include a gentle caesarean, gentle forceps or vacuum extraction, gentle everything.  Gentle means many things, including and especially, being respectful.


Key tasks –
i.   Treat babies (including those in utero) as sentient beings, with love and respect.  If they are treated as such, they can prepare for any necessary intervention and therefore experience it less traumatically.
(Read more in ‘Communicating with the Mind of a Prenate: Guidelines for Parents and Birth Professionals’ (2003). Presented to the 2nd International Congress on Home Delivery and Childbirth, Manresa, Spain, Oct. 17, 2003. Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, 18(2), Winter, 95-108.)

ii.   Work with Midwives and Doulas, especially Students. The School of Shamanic Womancraft offers Student Midwife Support Circles. For more on this contact Judy Diana Mort.

iii.   Help Mothers heal from previous traumatic births and support them to do their inner work for healing and in preparation for conceiving, birthing and mothering.

iv.   Help Women heal their menarche (first period) experiences and reclaim their innate feminine knowledge, wisdom and power.

v.   Welcome girls to womanhood in a healed and empowering way.

vi.   Reclaim the Spiritual Practice of Menstruation.

vii.   Heal and empower Menopause, so our wise women are alive and well and bringing their harvest to their communities.

viii.   Fundamentally, and most importantly, continue to choose love over fear!


Inspiration –
i.   JHC books (and video)
ii.   Jeannine Parvati Baker books (and video)
iii.   Michel Odent books (and video)
iv.   Rhea Dempsey book (video with JHC)
v.   Whapio/The Matrona (rousing call-to-action and video)
vi.   Ina May Gaskin TedX


Codewords –
i.   #itstime
ii.   #shitsgettingreal
iv.   #gentlebirth
iii.   #orelse

I’m working for the Great Great Grandchildren.  This is long term thinking, as well as immediate and short term thinking, which is what is required because the current situation is a shocking reality check and where it’s headed is fucked.

Please join me on this mission.
Please join this revolution.

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