Project Opossum – Sisters Rising Together to be the Change

In a time of unprecedented change, what do we need to bring back balance so that we can all rise together for the change we need to be…

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Mission Opossum

The patriarchy is crumbling, the feminine is rising, we are the children that were not burnt. We are the voice for the banished and the dead, the veil is rising. True work in the feminine way, of sisterhood and support needs to be seen and heard, we need to keep planting the seeds to help the roots take hold. Trigger the remembering.

Gathering – women gathered on the dark moon 25th November, 2019, to create ceremony and ritual that supports and empowers the healing of the sisterhood.

The questions was: What do you need to let go of to heal the sisterhood? And What is limiting this change?

Video – the ceremony will be condensed into a 2-3 min sharing for social/viral media to share the strength and empowerment that is available right here, right now, that is the change and visioning needed for us to all live, taking the right/well knowledge and wisdom of our own ancestors and creating NEW pathways for true change to take place. The magic that we create in the ceremony creates the container and vibration for this video to go out into the world….

Song – Women Woman – Clare Bowditch (we have permission from Mushroom records and Clare Bowditch)

More Inspiration and Medicine that has been part of this dreaming…. created during the evenings at the Becoming a Women Facilitator Training in 2019.


Uses the strategy of diversion, if all else fails plays dead. Has the ability to fight tooth and claw…. Or diversion strategy… used the musk of death scent to confuse the enemies, relies on instincts and playing dead when outnumbered, then when least expecting it, emits a war cry and creating confusion, uses its mental prowess. Expect the unexpected and be clever in victory, use your brain, your sense of drama and surprise to leap over barriers to success.

Goddess Aine

Red Mare, Summer, Wealth, Sun, Sovereignty, Agriculture, love, fertility, fire & blessing of earth, wit not war. In one version of the myth she is associated with the semi-mythological King of MunsterAilill Aulom, who is said to have raped her, an assault ending in Áine biting off his ear, hence the name Aulom “one-eared”. By Old Irish law, only an “unblemished” person can rule; by maiming him this way, Áine rendered him unfit to be king. As an embodiment of sovereignty, she can both grant and remove a man’s power to rule.[3] (Wikipedia)

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