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Season’s Greetings to you All…   Solstice time June 2016

I am changing, again, the format of my seasonal newsletters, I looked back to see how many changes there have been since I started sending them out in 2008, and I got very distracted and lost count!

This new version will be as a blog and I will start with the much awaited… Minmia Blog Series…

Firstly allow me to introduce you to my new website. …

I have felt a little nervousness about the ‘I am…’ feature on the home page, nervous that I would be judged harshly for proclaiming ‘who I am’, however I certainly have been doing that for a long time so I’ve decide not to worry!  And part of healing the wounded feminine of our time is ceasing the competitiveness that drives or inhibits our behaviours, so instead of modifying my self to fit into some mould that I wouldn’t fit into anyway, I boldly stand, two feet firmly planted on the Earth, for all I believe and all that I care for and love!

Soon, this website will be the home of my first e-course – “Pregnancy, the Inner Journey”. Over the years I have received many emails from women around the world wanting to do my workshops who can’t come to the places where I have been giving them. So now everyone can have access to this one. And soon I will have my other workshops as e-courses too.

So, as I said, I will be sending out blogs now and I will include a link to the relevant sabbat information – a suggested and relevant spiritual practice and ceremony, and, as promised in my posts on facebook and instagram, I will be sharing information that Minmia has asked me to pass on. I will call it the Minmia Blog Series. And following that series, I will write the Jeannine Parvati Baker Blog Series, sharing the wisdom that She shared with me.

And, for your information – my Drum Journey to Meet Your Inner Goddess is now available on the app Insight Timer.

Thank you for your attention, I hope the Minmia Blog Series informs and delights you….

Best wishes and love,

Jane Hardwicke Collings


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  1. RoseClaire June 20, 2016 at 10:38 am

    Jane…….it is so good to see you ……you look so much in your maga power…..I love the way you present yourself and your work here…..and I do miss you!
    With much love
    From RoseClaire

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