Global Sanctuaries!

Here at this time of Spring Equinox balance, I feel the magic is thick.  Maybe it’s because…

  • I have really understood the magical implications and opportunities of the time travel between hemispheres that I’m doing now…
  • maybe it’s the energy of the eclipse season just past and still influencing us…
  • maybe it’s because I feel like I’m really leaning into the Maga life season
  • Whatever, I feel a new dream is coming and I feel like the dream is dreaming me!

Two of the new or enhanced abilities of the post menopausal woman are increased intuition and visionary capacity – and with my time travel, I have seen the harvest ahead and so then I have access to a deeper knowing of what the seed and seedling needs to get there.

Private Hospital

For example, I see the seedling of our own ‘private hospital’ and I know this is not the only one….

Earlier this year at the Seven Sisters Festival in Melbourne, Australia, I presented a session with Rhea Dempsey.  We called it Birth in the Dystopia.  Rhea and I will be presenting again on this subject at the Homebirth Conference in Sydney in November.

Part of the session at Seven Sisters was a journey for the participants to meet with their Great-Great-Grandchildren to ask them what they needed to do now to prepare for them, especially regarding their opportunities for birthing.

And since then, of course, I too have been receiving messages from the Great-Great-Grandchildren. These messages come to me in the form of dreams for the future, my dreams for the Great-Great-Grandchildren.

Global Sanctuaries & the Grandmother’s Pact

I am dreaming of Global Sanctuaries, one on each continent…

Sanctuaries that offer a safe birthplace, an education facility, food grown in the old ways with saved seeds, self sustained villages….

And to bring this into this reality, I am feeling we need: The Grandmother’s Pact!

A global circle of Grandmothers working with the energies of creation to bring forth Global Sanctuaries, villages where the Great-Great-Grandchildren will thrive.

A part of me feels this to be such an audacious dream, and questions arise such as – how?!  But because I know the importance of the why, and because I feel my Grandmother heart race with Joy at the idea of preparing for the future for all our relations, especially the Great-Great-Grandchildren, and even further to the seven generations ahead… I will let go of my own feelings of fear and doubt and I will play my part in this….

A plan!

Now I’m not attached to this particular plan, but this time I am attached to the outcome. The outcome is to set up for the Great-Great-Grandchildren self-sustainable villages, including a birth centre and education facility which teaches the practical arts of living including healing, health care, and everything you need to know to look after yourself and your children.

At Yonifest, I met a special woman, a doctor midwife, from Mexico and we felt this dream begin to dream us. (see us in the pic above!)  The Grandmother’s Pact and maybe the first Sanctuary in Mexico

I also connected again, after four years since the Squatfest in San Francisco, with the awesome Molly Dutton-Kenny who has inspired me to begin to imagine offering a Full Spectrum Doula Training Program. And Samantha Zipporah, who introduced me, Sequoia and Grace to the Ovary Gang (see below!).

I’m going to dream big, for all our relations, because I care.



  1. TINA October 24, 2017 at 6:27 am

    Sounds awesome Jane. Many blessings xx

  2. Sally October 24, 2017 at 7:35 am

    Wow Jane, this is a most beautiful dream; and a most uplifting and hopeful message to read this morning: a morning where I woke feeling the weight of a masculine, reductionist, science heavy approach to health care weighing me down. I had allowed this to seep into my hopes and thoughts and had gone to sleep and woken with a feeling of lack; of ‘not enough-ness’. Now I’ve read your post and your dreams and I know hope again for a future for our grandchildren and great grandchikdren. Thank you for dreaming and sharing your dreams

  3. Yia October 24, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Just wonderful! You have dreamt it up and so it will be. I spoke to women recently in the Spiritual Path Of Menopause to look for causes/visions to support. Keep us posted on what is needed to bring this Dream into Birth. It is time to collaborate and pollinate. Great Blessings on this big Call.

  4. Lyn October 25, 2017 at 7:00 am

    Awesome fellow maga ….it is the new beginning. Lots of love Lyn

  5. Rachel Reed October 28, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    This is so exciting! I’m looking forward to the manifestation of these big and beautiful dreams x

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