Menstrual Workplace Policy

(For the purpose of introducing this concept, I will be using language including words like woman and man and pronouns like she, he, and we, and I will be referring to menstruation and menopause as the experience of a woman.  My apologies if that upsets or disturbs anyone.  My mission here is to introduce this needed concept…

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With Woman Retreat 2018

On 7-9 December, over the Dark and then New Moon, I with five Sisters from the School of Shamanic Womancraft, Sequoia Krop Rachel Reed Jessie Johnson-Cash Marie-Louise Lapere & Judy Mort held the first With Woman Retreat for birth workers, in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. (The next one in Australia is planned for December 2019…

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‘I Work For the Goddess’ Award

Jane Hardwicke Collings wearing her lunary, envisoned by Anique Radiant Heart. The lunary presented to Jane at the Goddess Conference was designed and made by Jann James At the Australian Goddess Conference I received an award! THE TEMPLE OF THE GLOBAL GODDESS “I WORK FOR THE GODDESS” AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE From the Australian Goddess Conference website: There…

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Operation Gentle Birth

I call myself an Agent of the Goddess, and what that means to me is that I am on assignment, carrying out missions for the greater good. Decades ago I drew myself a mission mud map (see above). It held all the places that I felt could be places for positive intervention to shift the…

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Great Great Great Grandchildren Dreaming: Live Call Recorded

Image used with permission and with thanks: ‘Grand-Mere-Chamane’ by Caroline Maniere (   Taking Responsibility, Seeding the Future Be the Change Now New Moon: January 17, 2018 at 1.17pm (AEDT) On the New Moon January 17, 2018 at 1.17 pm AEDT, we journeyed to meet the Great Great Great Grandchildren – to receive from them information about…

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Global Sanctuaries!

Here at this time of Spring Equinox balance, I feel the magic is thick.  Maybe it’s because… I have really understood the magical implications and opportunities of the time travel between hemispheres that I’m doing now… maybe it’s the energy of the eclipse season just past and still influencing us… maybe it’s because I feel…

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