SSW Vision

The School of Shamanic Womancraft (SSW) is dedicated to participating in ushering necessary social change.

Social change will be facilitated by women who are resilient, adaptable, and accessing their inner strength.

From our one-day workshops through to the five-day retreats and the one- or two-year programs (Four/Eight Seasons Journey), we focus on helping women reclaim feminine knowledge, wisdom and strength.

We do this through unlearning the dominant perspective of overriding our body’s wisdom and then by relearning the significance of our transformational rights of passage (birth, menarche – first period – childbirth, menopause, death), the power and importance of the menstrual cycle, the Earth’s cycle of seasons and the lunar cycle.

Basically reconnecting to the wisdom of the cycles – that are ruling our lives whether we realise that or not and whether we want that or not!

Rewilding women

Transformation happens at every rite of passage and often unconsciously creates a deeper wounding. By bringing awareness to this we can do our inner healing work, and the cultural healing of the wounded feminine, within and without.

The SSW Four Seasons Journey program is a deep immersion into the ‘Women’s Mysteries.’ We come together several times during the program doing deep processes, having experiences in Nature, all with the intention of healing our rites of passage and reclaiming the magic and power of the feminine.

The connection and love that flows between the women who sit together on this journey, creates the safe ‘crucible’ for transformation. Intimacy is the Cauldron of Growth.

At around the middle of the year-long program, we journey together living in the wilds as a community with the journey-women spending three days and three nights out on their own, water-fasting if that suits their metabolism, in deep communion with the Earth, Mother Nature.

And this experience is a game changer.

It is well known that when a human reconnects with Nature and their nature, and sees it as the one thing, everything will change.

Due to the urgent need for effective action to be prepared for what awaits us, as a planet, we need to empower resilience, adaptability and strength in people and especially the ones most people are nurtured by, women.

Our programs are designed to assist women in their healing so they can build their muscles of resilience, stamina, and adaptability so they can in turn be the women the Earth needs now.

With great thanks, we call for the resources required to empower women, at-risk women and all their sisters, with these attributes – adaptability, resilience, strength – so they can be leaders and healers in their families and communities, prepared for what is to come.

The School of Shamanic Womancraft can be part of a solution for humanity’s current issues with our cutting edge awakening, empowering and nurturing women’s programs.

Please contact me if you want to help with this, with support we can bring this anywhere in the world.

This we offer,

this is our prayer,                

so Mote It Be.

Jane Hardwicke Collings
Teacher of the Women’s Mysteries
The School of Shamanic Womancraft

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