We Are All Menstrual Activists!

One of the popular articles I have ever written is the The Spiritual Practice of Menstruation. It featured on my very first website nearly 20 years ago that my dear Father created for me.

Many women contact me after reading it, usually finding it on their hunt to understand what is going on for them with their menstrual cycle.

Reclaiming and re-membering… this is such important work, and is such a huge part of my advocacy efforts.

Re-membering, ie. putting ourselves back together with the information, the blueprint for how to thrive, which is stored within us at a cellular level.

This embodied information not only helps us to make sense of what’s going on, but also to know how to best care for ourselves during our cycle in order to maximise our health, wellbeing and even our productivity.  It guides us on our path of healing and awakening.

Many women find their way to this information in desperation from a place of pathology, often as a result of chemicals and artificial hormones used to control and override their cycle (the Pill, IUDs, Implanon etc).

And they learn that their menstrual cycle is “the barometer of their wellbeing” (to quote Alexandra Pope).

The menstrual cycle functions as a ‘read out,’ so to speak, of our wellbeing and health.  It alerts us to changes that need to be made in order for us to thrive, such as calling in more support, or updating our mindset and perspective.

Menstrual honouring = activism!

Reclaiming our menstrual cycle is one of the most defiant and political acts we can undertake!

The patriarchal mindset (that we all participate in, to a greater or lesser extent, as a result of our conditioning) would have us believe our menstrual blood is toxic waste, that the cycle is not only unnecessary but that it is a ‘curse’!

If we do what the tampon ads say, we should just plug ourselves up, wear tight white clothes and go mountain climbing or horse riding – carrying on regardless, ignoring our cycle…

Reclaiming our menstrual cycle from the dungeon of the patriarchy is an act of pure subversion – defiant, rebellious and revolutionary!

Together we are co-creating a positive menstrual culture, eradicating menstrual shame, untangling ourselves from the menstrual taboo and being real about what is actually is and means….


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